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this is you

You’re a huge fan of . (No? Refresh the page)

And lets be honest, you don't have the time to look up what's happening around you.

Turns out, played yesterday in Ashburn . If you had known, you would have gone.

You’ve missed out and it sucks.

Never miss out again.


"At Hyatt we like to create everlasting events where we aim to target a specific clientele. It can be difficult to find the right audience for these experiences. Having an event promotion platform like Onetime would simplify our digital marketing efforts." - Noha Belhaj, Marketing Director, Hyatt International Southwest Asia

"Onetime would be extremely useful to engage with our target audience by informing them about our set of special events taking place throughout the year. Through the platform we can carefully select who we’d like to inform." - Janane Haddad, Marketing & Communications Manager Middle East & India, Baume & Mercier

"To target opted-in participants for the exact topics of my events would be invaluable for a small-event promoter like myself." - Oliver Cable, Social Media Manager, Financial Times London

"In today's fast pace world and in a fast track city like Dubai, one shot deals and events happen in a speed of light. Onetime is a wonderful platform for anyone to stay connected to what is NOW, and a smart and efficient way to showcase a one-shot deal." - Leo Mrad, Director of Events, Park Hyatt Dubai

"It's always hard to find the thing you're looking for in a busy environment. With this platform, everything is so easy to find." - Waldo

Message from the Founders

" Seek discomfort, try something new and experience your city! "

Sean COO & Co-founder

"I want to know what's happening around me effortlessly. That's exactly what onetime delivers.

JamesCEO & Co-founder

" I promise you that Onetime will be your gateway to the time of your life. "

Dieter CTO & Co-founder